Data Transformation: A Partnership With Fresco

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A data-based digital transformation project requires a comprehensive approach and strategy from the beginning to ensure success.

A data-based digital transformation project requires a comprehensive approach and strategy from the beginning to ensure success.

The transformation includes everything that happens within an organisation, from the day-to-day interactions of its people to the complex systems and structures it has adopted. If you get it right, you can reap numerous rewards, including the consolidation of processes and operations, greater collaboration across departments in the company, and increased data-driven insights, resulting in improved customer experiences and cost savings.

Businesses can use digital transformation to make better use of real-time information and gain greater visibility into operations, particularly regarding the performance of people and assets.  With this data, you can understand your customers and what they do. You can identify trends, influence change, and make the necessary improvements to drive efficiencies and reduce costs.

Spark & Fresco’s Digital Cloud Transformation

Digital cloud transformation is a vital part of how we service our customers. We partnered with Fresco to incorporate a scrumban framework for the tracer bullet phase of their new OS infrastructure. While implementing this, we used a serverless CDK approach for validation purposes which helped establish the foundations for their new OS and cement their place in the kitchen appliance market as leaders in their field of expertise.

Transitioning from one framework to another in terms of a lean approach for the MVP of their OS product has proven that an agile approach, when used in the right way and adapted to the nature of the work, can be very practical when combined with leading technology being implemented by leading technologists.

This partnership between Spark and Fresco needed to work quickly to help them transform their product offering into something that is efficiently scalable and future-proofed, allowing both businesses to share knowledge and see a positive transformation.

Our Lead of Delivery John Fagan had a few words to say about the partnership between Spark and Fresco:

“It’s never easy to quickly produce an effective partnership during a digital transformation project. However effective communication about goals, objectives and contextual understanding of the value-based approach across the board from c-suite to engineering to QA to the delivery function enables a quick and powerful collaboration with very positive results.”

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