Trick or Treat

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How often have you read about a job offer that includes perks such as bonus training, maybe a couple of days entirely dedicated to studying, and so on?  Nowadays, our sector allows for so many opportunities, and we all tend to receive too many jobs offers with great benefits (luckily). But are they a trick? Or are they a treat? 
Today I come with a true story. One I experienced when working at Spark. At Spark, we have two weeks per year to study for certificates, attend events, take courses, and much more. After finishing a project one day, I talked with my managers about how I wanted to use my training budget.

I decided to take advantage of this training budget to study for two certifications:

• eJPT (Junior Penetration Tester)
• AWS Certified Developer (My third certificate on AWS!!)

Indeed, I'm sure you're asking yourself, why did you prepare for two different certificates in two weeks when you could prepare for just one? That is a valid point! But I wanted to validate my knowledge of both certifications due to my expertise and experience.  It sounds tricky, but with how we work at Spark, you can reach whatever goal you wish due to our excellent work-life balance.  As a result, I passed both certificates in one week, so I killed two birds with one stone. Do you want to know how I achieved it?Spark-AWS-Certificate-EngineerSpark-eJPT-Certificate-Engineer

I will share with you some tips to keep in mind when you want to study for an exam.

  • Study, study and study within or outside of your labour time.
  • Take a good course (I usually tend to use Udemy)
  • Put practice into your knowledge
  • Read articles, papers, tutorials or tech news
  • And read, read, read every day

Keep doing all these steps, and you will pass your exam with flying colours.
You, my reader, are probably still asking yourself, is this a trick? Or is this a treat?
Well - I invite you to find the answers by joining Spark. You can join us through our careers page, or even you can ask me through LinkedIn.