My First 60 Days at Spark

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David joined Spark in February as a Software Engineer. He has become a valuable asset to our team, and keen to share what his first 60 days at Spark have been like!

Read on to see how he fits in with our tribe!


How would you describe three months at Spark in less than 5 minutes?

To be honest, it doesn’t make sense to describe 131,400 minutes (three months) in just 5 minutes. Why? Well, I have too many experiences that I have enjoyed, and I cannot share most of them because you need to work at Spark to get it!

Jokes aside, let´s go!

On the 8th of February, I took my train from Seville to Malaga, where I had an appointment with Tom (Spark’s CTO). I never thought that I could drink so much coffee in one day, but I did. Once I received my laptop (my first MacBook Pro!!!), I was excited because I had never used one before. After a couple of minutes, I turned on my Mac, and before touching the keyboard, all I could hear was: “Security, Security and Security”. No, there wasn’t a security breach in our building, but Tom's words have been burnt into my brain. He’s obsessed with ensuring we’re always as secure as possible; little did he know - I’m like that too!

In my first week at Spark, I learned a lot as I started to work on project-oriented and risk management processes. In March / April, I got my first two AWS certifications, all paid for by Spark. This was an awesome opportunity because I never had a chance to complete these before.


In May, I finished my first project which was a huge success, and we also spent time on our first remote working week away in Marbella. It was great getting to know everyone and meeting everyone in person! My co-workers at Spark are smart, familiar, funny, and collaborative. I could use many more adjectives, but let’s just say that Spark has a really good culture! Here we are transparent, and it doesn’t feel like a typical company; it is something else.

So, Marbella was great fun, and what did I learn? Well, my colleagues are the best, and we share some great commonalities and interests, such as board games, music, hobbies and more.


I also learned more about other sectors like Operations and Sales and the value they bring to the company. I also realised that I have a long-lost brother who is taller and blonder. Who knows, maybe we are the same person but in different countries   All my colleagues, though, are in the same boat; we want to build our company and our careers in the same direction. I’m sure that we will, I have no doubt.

Finally, I invite you readers to check out our open company positions because you could join an amazing team, work on leading projects, experience good culture and live good experiences like I have lived this week with all our company.

Sparkies, all of you are amazing!!

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